Build long-lasting, highly profitable relationships with your customers.

Your business will thrive with a marketing system that increases customer loyalty & maximises customer lifetime value.

Retain more customers

Attract more customers

Grow your business

Focusing only on attracting new customers is a losing game.

The key to a thriving business is earning the long-term loyalty of your current customers.

Increase customer retention

Acquiring new customers is expensive. Focus on building long-term relationships with existing customers.

Increase customer lifetime value

Sell more products & services to current customers to increase their lifetime value and profit per customer.

Referral machine

Building life long relationships with your existing customers will lead to new customer referrals, but don’t forget to ask!

We don't just care about marketing & websites. We care about you, your business, and your customers.

Elements of a successful business marketing system


Email Marketing

Direct mail

your business will thrive!

Step 1

Initial call

Schedule a free call to tell us about you, your business, and your goals.

Step 2

Marketing system

We will work with you to implement a marketing system that builds long-term relationships.

Step 3

Thriving business

With a marking system in place, you can choose to expand or take more time off.

What's stopping you? Invest in a marketing system that helps your business thrive.

That’s a very valid question. There are countless marketing agencies out there that promise the world, but fail to deliver. We pride ourselves on being open and transparent. We only work with businesses that are committed to growing. If we don’t think we’re a good fit for you and your business, we’ll let you know.

Like any business system, a marking system takes tasks which were previously done randomly or inconsistently by one or two individuals and turns them into a well defined and documented process that anyone can follow. It ensures your business gets consistently marketed regardless of staff availability and turnover. The key to marketing success is consistency.

Absolutely. We help businesses set up a repeatable marketing system that they can easily run themselves with a bit of training. If your business doesn’t have the resources to run marketing internally or you just want to outsource it, we can manage your marketing system for you. The choice is yours.

It all depends on your goals and requirements. The more ambitious you are, the more you will typically need to invest. That being said, we can usually cater to any budget. Small budgets will have fewer options, but we will work hard to get you a positive return on your marketing investment. If you work with us for 12 months and don’t see a positive ROI, we will work with you for free until you do. That’s our promise.

Success doesn’t happen overnight. We typically recommend working together for at least 12 months. This gives us sufficient time to implement your marketing system, collect data, make tweaks, and ensure it’s optimised to generate profit. Even if you choose to run your marketing internally, we will still have regular coaching calls to help you optimise your system. If you don’t see a positive ROI after working with us for 12 months, we will work with you for free until you do. That’s our promise.

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Client Spotlight: Advance Dental Care

Advance Dental Care, a private dental practice located near Wakefield, trusted Clear Brands Grow to redesign its outdated website. It was important for the new website to align with the practice’s updated brand identity and attract new patients. Clear Brands Grow continues to support Advance Dental Care with ongoing marketing & consulting.

Most businesses focus on attracting new customers and fail to extract the maximum value from current customers. At Clear Brands Grow, we build marketing systems that increase customer loyalty to boost your bottom line and maximise the benefit of your marketing efforts.

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Fix these 5 website mistakes & turn your website into a sales machine

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