The big little duvet co.

Name, Brand identity & website

The client

The Big Little Duvet Co. helps people sleep better in single beds. Its extra-large single duvet is wider and longer than a standard sized single duvet giving sleepers more coverage so they stay warmer during cold nights.

The brief

Sue Tailford invented the extra-large single duvet to keep her two tall teenage sons warm at night. Standard single duvets just didn’t provide enough coverage, so they would wake up cold and tired.

Believing that others would benefit from her invention, Sue started manufacturing extra-large single duvets and cover sets under the name ‘Suvet’. Without any website or marketing experience, Sue came to us for help.

Our approach

The first thing we did was change the name of the business. ‘Suvet’ was cute, but it just didn’t mean anything to anyone expect Sue and her family. ‘The Big Little Duvet Co.’ has character, but clearly describes what the company sells.

Including ‘Co.’ in the name made the brand feel more established, but we wanted its brand identity to be new & fresh. That’s why we created a simple, yet bold, logo with modern san serif fonts and neutral colour palette.

Its first website was built using Wix, but this wouldn’t be adequate moving forward. Instead, we built a new website using Shopify, the ecommerce platform. Shopify is an all-in-one solution for ambitious retail brands.

The outcome

After working with Clear Brands Grow, the duvet manufacturer now has a clear brand name, modern brand identity, and user friendly website.

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