Michael Evans Fitness.

Brand identity & website

The client

Mike Evans is a former professional boxer and highly respected personal trainer based in Brentwood, Essex.

The brief

Design & develop a new brand identity and website to raise awareness for the Michael Evans Fitness brand and make Mike’s life easier.

Mike already had a website, but he was deeply embarrassed by it. It was very generic and didn’t reflect him as an individual. In fact, Mike was so embarrassed by his own website, that he preferred to spend hours sending potential clients info via text rather than direct them to the website.

Our approach

Working closely with Mike, we developed a dynamic logo that is both simple & effective. It’s easily recognisable and looks great on a range of apparel.

We built a completely new website on WordPress that reflected the new brand identity and provided visitors with an easy-to-use interface with easily accessible information.

The outcome

A brand identity & website that Mike is proud to call his own. Sending potential clients to his website, rather than messaging them, has saved him hours of admin.

Online Store

In March 2020, at the start of lockdown in the UK, we worked with Michael Evans Fitness to turn its website into an online store so it could sell training plans. We used the ecommerce platform, Shopify, to allow customers to purchase & download digital workout plans.

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